Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Landed in San Jose - a cleaner, more efficient airpot than Gatwick. Mix of 21st c. hippies, retirees, people like us in passport visitor line. Only a couple children among a few hundred people though. Interesting change from Orlando. Met a friendly escort from Sansa Air who walked us to its open air terminal. He was very chatty on the walk over - said Pavones was the most beautiful place he'd ever been but very isolated and the roads to get there were really rough. I'm sensing a theme here. We observed our first rude American - fancy woman who didn't want to check her large brand new suitcase because it might get scratched. Thinking she is likely in the wrong country altogether. Cool - 80s - with a nice breeze but we're higher than Pavones so we'll see. Flight to Golfito is right on time so all really good so far. Very happy to be here!

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