Sunday, January 9, 2011

ahora friends ... it's a long way down

My husband handed me a sheaf of papers over lunch last week, saying something about reading up on our trip.  What he was trying to say is that we may or may not actually get to Pavones. The options from San Jose are a 17 hour bus ride, a 10 hour drive, or 1 hour flight to Golfito followed by a 2 hour drive. While we're planning on the flight/drive combination, it's entirely possible we'll be on that bus. 

The site we're relying on for directions has phrases like:

"Watch out for the dangerously narrow bridge, where 3 Brazilian surfers once plunged to their death ..."

"You might blow just by [the intersection], because the only landmarks are a cafe (often closed) and a sign for La Ponderosa. Turn right here. Don't miss this one."

The same site has shared that the plane from to Golfito may or may not be on time. And it doesn't fly after dark.  And no one drives after dark, probably having to do with a landmark along the way referenced as the Bridge of Death.The roads we're taking aren't generally shown on maps and they literally dead end in Pavones.

Apparently, if you look in a Spanish dictionary, 'ahora' means now.  However, in Costa Rica, 'ahora' means 'now' only in refernce to something in the past, so it translates as later. Later as in some unspecified point in the future.  Not now.  Later.

So, let's just say we have less of a travel iterinereary and more of a travel concept. When will we actually arrive in Pavones?  Maybe at the time we've planned.  But most likely ahora.

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