Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Most blogs will tell you that Tico food isn't all that interesting.  That may be true in places other than Pavones.  Not only was the Tico food at the Cantina really fresh and good but there was surprising array of really yummy dining options.  I may be the only person who goes on a surf trip and gains four pounds in the process.  From the thin crust filet mignon and shrimp pizzas at Castillo de Pavones to the fabulous vegetarian fare at Cafe Suerte to the sublime tortolloni with grilled prawns at the Italian restaurant, we ate ridiculously well.  We also found some favorite treats in the Mega Super that I'm hoping to order for home.  Great food - just one of the many wonderful surprises in Pavones.

my breakfast of choice - since i was always full from the night before!
we have a new appreciation for rice and beans

the. best. chips. ever. 

sweet and spicy - perfect on castillo's breakfast burritos

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