Thursday, January 20, 2011

love the smell of biodiversity in the morning

one view from our hotel balcony

Woke up at 5:30 am to the cries of howler monkeys and other unidentified creatures.  They were hard to spot in the trees but I'm determined to get some pictures sooner or later.

Taz in the river after our walk 

Since it was pretty much fully light, we headed down to the beach to check out the break.  It's a 300 meter walk and Taz, one of the hotel owner's gorgeous dogs, appointed himself our official tour guide, which was excellent since we really didn't know where we were going .

Building directly on the beachfront isn't allowed here so the beaches are very natural and unspoiled.  They're also black sand which is very cool for us white sand Florida folks.  Because of the river that runs out into the ocean, there are smooth gray river rocks all over the beach as well.

Gonna grab breakfast and get our gear organized so we can get out in the waves, which look just about perfect.  Tomorrow we'll be able to take boards down early for a session before breakfast.

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