Monday, January 17, 2011

Packing Moment #3

Why would someone have a passport renewal application printed out less than two days before a trip to a foreign country?  Fair question.  Very fair question.

It appears we have something of a history with passport expiration deadlines and major trips.  For example, there was the year we had to pay a person - a real person - to physically walk our 5-year-old's passport through the renewal process in Miami so that she could join us in London rather than stay home with Nickelodeon and the dog.  It was delivered 10 hours before our trip.  That's just one example.

So, you'd think we'd have looked at the passports before today.  And we did!  They don't expire for eight weeks.  But somewhere my husband hit a blog post that suggested Costa Rica doesn't admit visitors with passports that expire within 90-days. And another. And another.

After much research, including calls to the US Embassy in San Jose (which I was pretty sure wouldn't happen until we arrived in the country at least), we think we're good to go.  But man I'm gonna be tweaked if this blog ends up being about the trip that never happened.

Oh, and that renewal application? Yeah, that's for the next trip to London in June.  Now we just gotta remember to fill it out.

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