Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I miss Pavones ... an end and a beginning

We've been home 24 hours and I miss Pavones.  I miss surfing - that feeling seems to be imprinted permanently in me now.  I found myself daydreaming about surfing today.  I miss the people - Aaron, Jamie, Dean.  More than most of us, they know why they are where they are.  They cared for us and made us feel a part of their world in an easy and exceptionally kind way.  I miss the pure air, the crazy jungle sounds, the rocks under my feet, the hazy humid mornings, the feel of the water.  This is the end of this particular travel blog.  It was a magic trip.  But I have the feeling that this is just the beginning of my Costa Rican journey.

bits & pieces

the inflight magazine - happiness indeed 

does not do the waves justice ... at all 

pavones air force - dean's comment - LOL!

feet hurt just looking at this

my (hair) progression

Since the issue of what to do with my American blown out tresses was mentioned in an early post, I thought I'd share the progression of hairstyles from the first hour after landing in Golfito to the second day in Pavones to the final style option of the trip.  LOL.  Don't be surprised if I arrive at our next business meeting in braids :)


Most blogs will tell you that Tico food isn't all that interesting.  That may be true in places other than Pavones.  Not only was the Tico food at the Cantina really fresh and good but there was surprising array of really yummy dining options.  I may be the only person who goes on a surf trip and gains four pounds in the process.  From the thin crust filet mignon and shrimp pizzas at Castillo de Pavones to the fabulous vegetarian fare at Cafe Suerte to the sublime tortolloni with grilled prawns at the Italian restaurant, we ate ridiculously well.  We also found some favorite treats in the Mega Super that I'm hoping to order for home.  Great food - just one of the many wonderful surprises in Pavones.

my breakfast of choice - since i was always full from the night before!
we have a new appreciation for rice and beans

the. best. chips. ever. 

sweet and spicy - perfect on castillo's breakfast burritos

home via panama

From Pavones yesterday, we drove early with our wonderful hosts Aaron and Jamie (and the lovely - but hungry - Findley) to the Costa Rican/Panamanian border.

It wasn't a route we'd have taken on our own but seeing the border town was a trip - like a big flea market with one country on one side of the road and another on the other.

The slight detour had the advantage of putting us on paved and relatively smooth roads into Golfito.  Aaron drew us a map that I have become very attached to.  It's getting framed and hung in our house - better than any art we could buy.

In Golfito, which caters to sport fisherman, we had breakfast at a marina.  The day could not have been more beautiful.  And that made leaving all the more difficult.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Home

We're on our way home tomorrow - leaving really early.  We're traveling with the owner of Castillo, Aaron, and his family to Golfito via Panama.  Not entirely sure of the process for the journey but, like everything else since we've been here, trusting in those around us to help guide us in the right direction.  It's worked beautifully so far.  There is much yet to write about - haven't even touched on the truly surprisingly delicious food - but am exhausted beyond exhausted.  Will post anything of interest via text tomorrow and the rest once we're back stateside.  Good night.

the last surf

sunset in pavones january 22

We just had our last surf session of the trip.  Waves were about waist high and the rides were about 300 yards, which means 20 minutes of paddling to get back into position.  What an amazing experience this has been.

That said, starting from the top, my litany of war wounds goes like this ...
- neck hurts from looking up off the board at waves and up in the trees at animals
- nose and forehead are completely sunburned
- shoulders and arms ache and feel like rubber at the same time (an odd sensation)
- ribcage and hips are bruised from laying on the board
- elbows are bruised and have cuts on them (not sure why)
- rear end is sunburned
- thighs are bruised from hitting the rails of the surfboard as I fell off (often)
- knees have huge bruises on them from kneeling on the board
- feet have little cuts all over and are sore from walking on rocks

sunset in pavones, january 22

My husband is wisely making me a rum and coco lite as I write this.  And I wouldn't trade a single bruise, ache or cut for the world right now.