Tuesday, January 25, 2011

home via panama

From Pavones yesterday, we drove early with our wonderful hosts Aaron and Jamie (and the lovely - but hungry - Findley) to the Costa Rican/Panamanian border.

It wasn't a route we'd have taken on our own but seeing the border town was a trip - like a big flea market with one country on one side of the road and another on the other.

The slight detour had the advantage of putting us on paved and relatively smooth roads into Golfito.  Aaron drew us a map that I have become very attached to.  It's getting framed and hung in our house - better than any art we could buy.

In Golfito, which caters to sport fisherman, we had breakfast at a marina.  The day could not have been more beautiful.  And that made leaving all the more difficult.

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