Sunday, January 23, 2011

epic session

We spent three hours in the waves this morning and would still be there but for the fact that we have to rest a little so we can go back out in an hour.  The waves were small, about 2-3 feet, but perfect for me and, in classic Pavones style, very long.  

We got lots of great rides thanks to our surf sensei, Dean.  He's taken us out the past few days and been an amazing guide and teacher.  

He and his wife Ingrid moved here from Hawaii after driving from California and traveling across Costa Rica and Panama looking for the right spot to set up their surf camp.  The Web site is focused on women's surf groups but Dean shared that he's reworking the site and their focus will be on small groups (2-8 people) of all genders, ages and abilities.  

What I found great about Dean - besides the fact that he's probably one of the nicest people on the planet - is that he helped both my husband and me improve our surfing exponentially even though we're surfing at very different levels.  It would literally have taken me two years of NSB surfing to make the improvements I've made here in just four days.  

Still no pictures of us surfing - maybe this afternoon one of us will get out of the water to take pictures while the waves are still breaking.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  But here (and above) some snaps of the cove in which we've been putting in. 

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